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Our mass notification system gives you the tools necessary to:

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Quickly Alert Your Masses

There are times when you need to send emergency alerts to your community, urgent updates to your employees, or targeted communications to your customers. An unparalleled mass notification system, Blackboard Connect provides the speed, capacity, and reliability necessary to deliver millions of calls, emails, and text messages per hour, even when every second counts.

Blackboard Connect for Employee Engagement


Take Advantage of Unlimited Messaging and Customizable Communication

Blackboard's enterprise mass notification solution provides unlimited, multi-modal, customizable messages, which let you tailor your communication to your audience and the situation. Using Blackboard Connect, you can send personalized voice-recorded messages, e-mails, or texts, or you can use social media to tweet an alert or update your company's Facebook page. You can craft either broad or targeted notifications to more easily engage with your customers and employees in a meaningful way.

Blackboard Connect for Customer Outreach


Unmatched Capacity in the Industry

From virtually anywhere, you can send a message to proactively inform customers, remind employees, and engage with your community.

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The Connected Enterprise

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Notifications for a Natural Disaster

Lincoln, Massachusetts kept their residents safe and informed during a flooding hazard. Download the case study >