Send mass alerts in minutes

Sometimes you need to quickly share information with your community. Blackboard Connect is a fast, reliable mass notification system that allows you to connect with them at any time, from anywhere, on their device of choice.

ROI playbook

Download the Playbook: ROI In the Courts System (PDF)

Fast, Reliable Communication

As a critical component of your outreach efforts, you can use it to send both urgent alerts and non-urgent notifications. It provides the speed, capacity, and reliability necessary to deliver millions of calls, emails, and text messages, in any situation.

VIDEO: Watch a quick demo of Blackboard Connect.

Recoup Lost Revenue

You can also use the Blackboard Connect service to recoup revenue lost on unpaid tickets and traffic fines, utility bills, and licensing fees. Send mass notifications to specific groups of citizens to remind them of their financial obligations, eliminating costs previously spent on labor-intensive manual notifications.

Blackboard Connect for Customer Outreach


Tailored Messages

Our mass notification solution provides unlimited, multi-modal, customizable messages, letting you tailor your communications depending on the audience or situation. Using the Blackboard Connect service, you can send personalized voice recorded messages, e-mails, or texts, or you can tweet an alert or update a Facebook page. Craft broad or targeted notifications to engage with your constituents in a more relevant and meaningful way.

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Notifications for a natural disaster

Lincoln, Massachusetts kept their residents safe and informed during a flooding hazard.
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Revenue Generation

Blackboard Connect for Government provides a simple and effective way to generate revenue. Learn more >

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