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Cengage Learning

Blackboard and Cengage Learning have partnered to streamline access to digital solutions and content within Blackboard Learn™. Together, we are making it easier for faculty to access Cengage Learning’s brand name digital products inside their Blackboard Learn courses.

Simple. Intuitive. Efficient. Accessible within your Blackboard Learn workflow.

Integrate with Powerful Learning Solutions from Cengage


Utilizing MindLinks™, a new service from Cengage Learning, and the iLrn Partner Cloud integration, instructors and students can now access deeply integrated Cengage digital products directly within the Blackboard Learn platform:







iLrn is an all-in-one diagnostic, tutorial, assessment, assignment, and course management system that saves instructors’ time and enhances students’ world language learning experiences. Resources include:


  • An interactive ebook and diagnostic study tools
  • Video, partner and group voice-recorded activities
  • Grammar tutorial videos


This is just the beginning. MindLinks serves as the delivery mechanism for Cengage’s ongoing strategy to integrate even more digital products into Blackboard Learn.

1Available for Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1, Service Pack 5 and up.

Partner Cloud is available on Learn 9.1/SP 10

Creating Dynamic Courses Just Got Easier

The Cengage Learning MindLinks Building Block and iLrn Partner Cloud integration provide seamless access to Cengage Learning’s rich digital learning solutions and content directly within Blackboard Learn, creating a simpler and more intuitive experience for both instructors and students:

  • Single sign-on provides easy and immediate access to a wealth of Cengage digital content and tools.
  • Grade synchronization ensures grades from Cengage assignments automatically appear in the Blackboard Learn grade book, allowing instructors to focus on teaching and learning instead of manual grade entries.
  • Access to Cengage content and tools directly within the course content area makes it easy for instructors to find and integrate content into their courses within their normal workflow.
  • Cengage Learning MindLinks Tools and Partner Cloud sections within Blackboard Learn enable users to access and efficiently manage all content and tools in one place.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.

Download the Building Block

The free Cengage Learning MindLinks Building Block is available now on the Extensions Catalog for U.S. higher education institutions that license Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 5 and higher.

The free Partner Cloud Building Block is available now on the Extensions Catalog for U.S. higher education institutions that license Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 10 and higher.

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