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Get a comprehensive solution for your institution’s expanding media needs that won’t strain your network or budget. Together, Blackboard and Kaltura deliver a full-featured campus media platform that integrates fully with your learning management system, giving you a scalable and secure way to handle all of your rich media needs.

Kaltura Video

The Kaltura Video Building Block opens up a new set of engaging teaching possibilities from integration of lecture capture and video materials to enabling video assignments and sharing of student and faculty contributed video content. It adds a layer of rich media functionality that works across the Blackboard Learn™ platform, so faculty and students can use media as easily.

See why hundreds of educational institutions, including 15 of the top 20 universities in America, use this platform. Learn more about getting started and to sign up for a free 10GB trial.

Together, Blackboard and Kaltura help you engage more students by offering:

  • Seamless authoring, uploading, recording, searching and streaming of campus media content, including lecture capture
  • Optimal playback experience on desktop and mobile devices (including iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  • Rich media ingestion, transcoding, editing, content and metadata management, and analytics
  • Advanced user access control and rights management features
  • Easy-to-use tools such as:
    Course Gallery ScreenshotMy Media Tool

    Provides each user with a personal media library where they can upload, edit and manage content, as well as share content.

    Course Gallery Screenshot Course Gallery

    Allows members to search and view rich media assigned to a course.

    Mashup Screenshot Mashup Tool Integration
    Allows users to easily embed and share videos anywhere within Blackboard Learn.

    Faculty Repository Screenshot Faculty Repository
    Allows faculty to easily share content with each other by making their media public and searchable and enables faculty to use library/curriculum media content for their courses.

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The Kaltura Video Building Block is available to clients in the North American (U.S. and Canada) higher education market, the U.S. K-12 market, the professional education market, and the U.K. and Australia higher education and further education markets that license Blackboard Learn, Release 8 or higher. You can download this free Building Block.

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