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Discovery Education™ Higher Ed

For over 12 years, Discovery Education, powered by the number one non-fiction media company in the world, has inspired learners of every age. Now dynamic learning content from the brand that’s empowered us to explore our world for decades is available directly within the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Discovery Education Higher Ed provides higher education institutions with engaging, course-based digital content that brings learning alive through a variety of resources including video, images, and audio. Instructors have easy access to content, and students find the content easily accessible.

Discovery Education.  Inspiring over one million educators and 35 million students a year throughout K-12 and higher education. (And counting.)

Are You a K-12 Client? Discovery Education is now available within the Blackboard Learn Platform.

Introducing Discovery Education Higher Ed for Blackboard

*If you are a student, Please contact your Professor for more information on how to access Discovery Education Higher Ed content.


Teach Them with “Wow.” Reach Them with “Now.”

The trusted Discovery brand connects with students in ways few other educational content providers can. The “wow” factor of Discovery Education content brings learning alive, and engages students in unexpected ways.

Engagement is important because it leads to more involved students—and ultimately increased student achievement. Discovery Education has proven to increase student achievement with the use of its digital content.*

Discovery Education is committed to transforming teaching and learning. Its experience in providing comprehensive digital content with research-based professional development ensures that educators have the resources to transform the classroom experience with engaging educational content. And, Discovery Education Higher Ed was designed specifically with higher education institutions in mind—leveraging the valuable input of administrators, faculty, and students as part of the content development process.

The result? An integrated service that’s as easy to use as it is valuable to learning.

*Based on a K-12 research study conducted by Discovery Education.

Easy to Find and Course-Aligned

The integration of Discovery Education Higher Ed with the Blackboard Learn platform makes it easy for instructors to find relevant resources and incorporate them into courses.

Integration features include:

  • High-quality digital content from Discovery
  • Content provided for 23 of the most enrolled higher ed courses
  • Aligned to cross-curricular course content
  • Continuous content updates
  • Optimized to work with all devices, including tablets
  • Access to a variety of additional learning resources to enhance instruction including images, audio and writing prompts

Don't miss the “Share with Blackboard” button on Discovery Education Higher Ed’s online content catalog, which makes it simple for instructors to integrate the resources they choose whatever environment they’re in.

Start Bringing Learning Alive

The Discovery Education Higher Ed integration is available now through the Partner Cloud Building Block, which is bundled with Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 13 and higher. The Partner Cloud Building Block is also available for download for institutions running Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 10-12. 

Request information on how to access Discovery Education Higher Ed content and ask about a free trial. >

Download the Partner Cloud Building Block today >

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Watch the webinar on how integrating multimedia can help prepare your students for graduation and beyond.

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Request information on how to access Discovery Education Higher Ed content and ask about a free trial.*