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Improve Student Outcomes with Dynamic & Engaging Course Content

Engaging course content leads to more engaged students. With access to high-quality digital content and a portfolio of interactive learning tools through Blackboard technology, instructors can build courses quickly with media rich content. When students actively engage with content, their grades improve and retention increases.

Instructor Best Practices: Get Inspired

Catherine Matson, Triton College

Course: Psychology 100

Catherine has enhanced the learning experience for her students by incorporating a variety of digital content into her course.  In addition to PowerPoints, assigned readings and exams, she combines McGraw-Hill’s LearnSmart and Psych Interactive with Blackboard tools, such as discussion boards, journals, and blogs, to provide her students with a multiple learning opportunities. She has even created her own webquest to help students grasp more challenging topics.

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Catherine Matson Course Screenshot

Leading-Edge Technology Saves Instructors Time

Blackboard pioneered groundbreaking innovations such as content integration, gradebook synchronization, and single sign-on access to multiple systems that dramatically shifted the learning landscape. Today, Blackboard continues to push the envelope for learning innovation with new technologies that provide the deepest integrations with the widest set of diverse digital content partners in the industry. And that leaves you to do what you do best—teach.

To get started using Blackboard Digital Content, leverage these free resources:

Cengage Learning

Discovery Education

John Wiley & Sons


Last semester I didn't use WileyPLUS or Blackboard Learn, and I'm doing better this semester in both of my accounting classes. Doing the problems and interacting though WileyPLUS and the Blackboard Learn discussion board has helped me better understand the material and do better in the class overall. 

- Student, Montgomery County Community College College


While large K-12 districts may have IT staff to handle single sign-on product integration, districts of our size simply don’t have the staff. has taken this workload off districts and now K-12 teachers across the country will benefit. 

- Alisa Jones, Supervisor of Instructional Resources, Clay Virtual Academy

Macmillan Higher Education

McGraw-Hill Higher Education


Having McGraw-Hill integrated with Blackboard has been a game changer. The single sign on and grade book synch saves time and reduces student frustration.  It has increased student participation and ... It’s a win-win for both students and us as instructors! 

- Cameron Harmon and Kathy Chavis, Fayetteville Technical Community College


VitalSource® Bookshelf®

Other content providers include

 Baker and Taylor Bridgepoint Education Cambridge University Press

Incorporate Your Own Content With Ease

Blackboard xpLor is a global learning object repository for rich educational materials including assessments, assignments, discussions, HTML pages, and more. But Blackboard xpLor is much more than just a content repository. It is also an authoring environment, with familiar content creation tools. It enables sharing and discovery of educational content with a rich metadata engine and also enables copyright management using the Creative Commons system. Plus, all content is delivered through the Blackboard Learn course environment for a seamless experience for students.
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CourseSites is a free, hosted online course creation and facilitation service that empowers educators to add a web–based component to their courses, or even host an entire course on the Internet.
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