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Collaborative and Interactive Learning

Increase revenue. Reduce costs. And improve the entire learning experience. The Blackboard Collaborate™ platform can help you do it all by improving the way you collaborate. Hundreds of Blackboard clients are saving significantly on travel costs, meeting expenses, and professional development by integrating open, education-focused solutions, such as web conferencing, voice authoring and instant messaging.

You can extend Blackboard Learn through Blackboard Building Blocks™ for Blackboard Collaborate. Our comprehensive platform can help you reach higher goals in learning through more engaging collaboration methods such as:

  • Web, Video and Audio Conferencing (scheduling, inviting, large groups, formal presentations)
  • Instant Messaging and Meetings
  • Voice Authoring and Collaboration

How can you benefit from Blackboard Collaborate?

  • Increased Revenue – Blackboard Collaborate can help you achieve greater retention, higher enrollments, leveraged physical infrastructure, broader institution promotion
  • Reduced Cost – Blackboard Collaborate can help you realize travel savings, efficient meetings and events, efficient faculty professional development, academic continuity
  • Improved Outcomes – Blackboard Collaborate can help you improve engagement, give you better access to help and expertise, increase student-to-student collaboration, global perspectives

And it’s not only Blackboard Learn clients who can benefit from these collaborative solutions. Even if you use a different learning management system, you can still benefit from the Blackboard Collaborate technology.

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Want a better experience that engages everyone, every time? Check out the Blackboard Collaborate page for more details or try out Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing for free.