Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Davis is the chief financial officer at Blackboard, where he is responsible for the company’s financial operations and Corporate Business Solutions Group. Bill successfully led three re-pricings and one significant refinancing for Blackboard that drove more than $200 million in total interest savings over the term of the loans.

In 2013, Bill led business optimization efforts that are estimated to have saved the company more than $20M on a run-rate basis. Bill also created and leads the company’s mergers & acquisitions strategy and has successfully managed several Blackboard acquisitions that contributed to the company mission of building a better educational experience for everyone.

Before joining Blackboard in 2012, Bill was the chief financial officer at Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, where he oversaw revenue growth from $80 million to approximately $1.4 billion, with profits increasing at a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 25 percent.

Bill has helped lead several strategic transactions, including Allscripts’ $300 million acquisition of A4 Health Systems in 2006, $90 million acquisition of Extended Care Information Networks in 2007, and $500 million merger with Misys Healthcare in 2008. In 2010, he helped lead the company's $1.3 billion merger with Eclipsys Corporation, which involved a $1 billion recapitalization of the business to reduce Allscripts majority shareholder ownership interest from approximately 55 percent to 0 percent.

Prior to Allscripts, Bill was the chief financial officer of Lante Corporation, where he helped lead the company's IPO in 2000 and subsequent sale in 2002.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s degree from Northwestern University. He also is a certified public accountant.