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Who We Are

Blackboard is education’s partner in change, helping learners, educators, institutions, and companies thrive in a complex and changing environment.

Our sights are set on the future. By innovating together, we help our clients see the possibilities to come.

Who we are

Partnering to drive learner success

We understand that the way people learn is dynamic, and that the education landscape is continuously evolving. Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable student and institutional success, by leveraging innovative technologies and services.

With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change. We are driving the industry to new destinations.

Unmatched understanding of the world of the learner

Every learner is unique and exercises choice like a consumer — searching for the best value and using data to inform their decisions. Their expectations are ever evolving as the world and learning opportunities within it continue to change rapidly.

Because we support learners from K-12 through professional development, we're able to lead the industry in learner research. We have unmatched insight into common workflows, student behaviors, and course archetypes. In partnership with our clients, we anticipate and solve for shifting learner needs, expectations, and demographics.

Learners engaging
Student working on school

Most comprehensive student-success solutions

Changing market dynamics pressure institutions at every level. From financial and regulatory changes to changing learning models, districts, institutions, and organizations are seeking to create new opportunities for their learners.

Through partnerships with our clients, we embrace new opportunities with agility and drive learner success during this time of transformation, leveraging the broadest and deepest set of learner-success oriented solutions on the market.

Greatest capacity for innovation

Like many industries before, education is experiencing new market dynamics. Global learners are no longer limited by geographic boundaries and technology’s fast paced advancement is opening new paths.

For us, these market dynamics drive us to innovate. We have the greatest capacity for innovation in the market, and we pour it into our partnerships with our clients every day.

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