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Learn how Indian River State College grew their online enrollments by 35% in two years

It's a fact: students want more online courses

Institutions need to design courses specifically for these online students, courses that they know are working every step of the way.

Analytics provide a new perspective that institutions and instructors can now leverage when planning, ramping up, and evaluating their online programs. And that’s exactly what Indian River State College (IRSC) did.

Download this case study to understand how this group of forward-thinking leaders leveraged Blackboard Analytics at all levels of the organization to:

- Benchmark their successes
- Gain faculty buy-in and support
- Drive data-driven online course design
- Identify and engage at-risk students
- Data-driven innovation and quality can help set you apart too.

"It's exciting to be a part of something that's never been done before."

Kendall St. Hilaire
Administrative Director of IRSC Virtual Campus

Download the case study