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University College of Estate Management eliminates performance gaps on the basis of class size

Learn how UCEM used X-Ray Learning Analytics to discover a high-impact tutoring program

In 2016, University College of Estate Management (UCEM) licensed X-Ray Learning Analytics in order to gain greater visibility into instructional quality, student activity, and factors contributing to course attrition. The fact that UCEM classes range in size from 5 to nearly 800 meant that researchers at Blackboard had the opportunity to see whether class size at UCEM was a factor in predicting student engagement and performance. Based on prior research, we expected to see significant differences between small and large classes.

What we found was surprising.

Download the full case study to learn how X-Ray Learning Analytics helped University College of Estate Management to:

- Inform strategic initiatives
- Foster adoption
- Demonstrate the impact of existing programs, and
- Embed analytics within continual service improvement cycles

Download the case study