Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series

The Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) is a training initiative to help augment (not replace) your internal training efforts. Harnessing our community of Blackboard users, BITS will share the top strategies and pedagogy for both increasing educator efficiency and improving learning outcomes. BITS is free to Blackboard’s clients and is easy to participate. The program consists of weekly faculty training webinars that are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts.
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We have created three tracks to give you guidance on the intended audience for each webinar.

Getting Started

Whether you are new to online learning or Blackboard, this track will help you ease into e-Learning with the basic fundamentals and best practices.


Our dedicated K-12 track will share top strategies and pedagogy to increase educator efficiency and improve learning outcomes with sessions taught by K-12 educators.


Learn how to effectively engage and communicate with your learners through a variety of mediums from text messages to discussion boards.

Assessing Learners

Assessment is essential for improving student outcomes. Learn how to accurately and effectively assess your students.

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