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Past Winners

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2013 Winners

Blackboard Collaborate™ Hall of Fame Award

Name Institution Achievement
Christine Paige and Tom Rosenberger College of Saint Rose The College of Saint Rose utilizes Blackboard Collaborate™ to not only offer hybrid and online classes, but to save on administrative costs and to provide services to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive them. Through Blackboard Collaborate, the college offers a virtual Speech Clinic Telepractice to tap into an emerging market of distance therapy/medicine to serve clients in rural areas who do not have access to a therapist in their county or region. Additionally, it offers online office hours, comprehensive writing review programs, a community outreach program, and faculty and graduate student interviews, all via Blackboard Collaborate.
Mariam Memarsadeghi E-Collaborative for Civic Education Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society supports active citizenship and civic leadership in Iran using Blackboard Collaborate™ and other platforms. Tavaana uses Blackboard Collaborate as the core educational platform to provide a much-needed safe space for the exchange of knowledge. Through Blackboard Collaborate, marginalized, persecuted, and otherwise disempowered Iranians can peacefully amplify their civic voices access and access the civic knowledge they seek to live more empowered lives.
Mauricio García Acevedo IEU Universidad | Instituto de Estudios Universitarios IEU Universidad implemented Blackboard Collaborate™ to significantly decrease costs and increase satisfaction among students and staff. The Blackboard Collaborate platform has allowed IEU to significantly reduce travel expenses of the campus principals, increase the frequency of executive meetings, and keep 500+ university employees informed via informational meetings every week. Additionally, the university has seen a 25% increase in students as a result of virtual open houses hosted in Blackboard Collaborate.
Dr. Derrick Cogburn and Dr. Jennifer Ellis The Institute on Disability and Public Policy The Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) facilitates the world's first virtual master's degree program in disability policy, and they use Blackboard Collaborate™ to do it. Offered by American University, the master's in Comparative and International Disability Policy program leverages the unique software features of Blackboard Collaborate, including the video component, to provide American Sign Language interpretation; screen reader capabilities; and closed-captioning for students who are blind, deaf, or hard of hearing. Blackboard Collaborate's propensity to create software that is accessible to people with disabilities aligns with the IDPP's dedication to inclusivity and desire for all people to have the same learning opportunities, regardless of geographical location, abilities, or disabilities.
Nicole Gianvito, Andy Petro, and Michelle Poskin The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Through its use of Blackboard Collaborate™, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber) has become the largest and most successful cyber charter school in the state of Pennsylvania. PA Cyber offers the most dynamic recurring synchronous instructional option in the country, featuring all core content from second through twelfth grade, as well as fine arts, foreign languages, and multiple electives. Additionally, the school is currently piloting a new FLEX curriculum that blends the best of synchronous and asynchronous instruction to develop a flipped model of instruction for entirely online education.

PA Cyber has been able to demonstrate that students enrolled in its synchronous courses make more academic gains than students taking asynchronous courses. The cyber school therefore requires that students who have scored basic or below basic on their state assessments participate in synchronous classes via Blackboard Collaborate so they can benefit from online direct instruction.

Blackboard Connect™ Communications Strategy Award

Name Institution Achievement
Hernan Londono Barry University By adopting Blackboard Connect™, Barry University improved messaging to the campus community through its IT department and Barry Alert emergency notifications. The campus communication program has created positive academic results and an increased sense of safety and security across the community.
Matt Warnock Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District utilized Blackboard Connect™ to create an ambassador training program to foster well-informed and highly engaged public school "champions" from various segments of the community — parents, local citizens, business leaders, real estate agents and staff. This unique, sustainable program has created a ripple effect of positive communication and a stronger sense of community across the district.
Daniel Tan, Lee Chye Seng, and Chua Chet Shiu Nanyang Technological University (NTU) NTU implemented an aggressive training program to drive instructor adoption of the Blackboard Connect™ platform, improving instructor-student communication campus wide. Through a user's guide available by USB drive and in the Apple iBook store, and frequent training and workshops to familiarize professors with the system, NTU achieved more than half a million messages sent to students in 2012.

Blackboard Engage™ Communication Strategy Award

Name Institution Achievement
Nancy McKnight, Barb Nicolai, and Dave Guglielmi St. Philip the Apostle Parish The St. Philip religious education department established itself as a leader in using and promoting electronic communications by leveraging the Edline Learning Community Management System by Blackboard Engage™. Adopting Edline has enabled St. Philip to not only increase their communication levels, but also make messages more targeted and meaningful while saving time and money previously spent on nearly 10,000 paper communications distributed each year.

Blackboard Learn™ Beyond the Course Award

Name Institution Achievement
Dr. Adam Marks Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Through use of Outcomes Assessment functionalities of Blackboard Learn™, including standards and goals alignment, rubrics, and the automated collection of student work, Embry-Riddle has vastly improved the process for which it measures program effectiveness.
Stacy Hawthorne, Shannon Conley, Christina Hamman, and Stephani Itibrout Medina High School – Medina City Schools By implementing the Community Engagement module of Blackboard Learn™, Medina High School created numerous organizations that have opened up new avenues of efficiency, collaboration, and engagement between students, teachers, parents, and administration.
Russell R. Bazydlo Strayer University Strayer University utilized the Community Engagement and Content Management modules of Blackboard Learn™ to create a fully customized and interactive portal for corporate training and organizational development that has facilitated job readiness and professional development for more than 5,000 staff and faculty members.

Blackboard Engage™ Comprehensive Technology Strategy Award

Name Institution Achievement
CUSD Intranet Team Cupertino Union School District The Cupertino Union School District adopted the Edline Learning Community Management System by Blackboard Engage™ permissions architecture to implement a no-cost employee intranet accessible from any location. To date, 1,500 employees—95% of all district employees—are activated in Blackboard Engage.

Blackboard Mobile™ Innovation Award

Name Institution Achievement
Kylie Taig Carey Baptist Grammar School Carey Baptist Grammar School transformed an annual field trip experience previously done using pen and paper to a mobile device experience using Blackboard Mobile™ Learn. They measured student attitudes and elements of performance (# of items completed, etc.) and found increased engagement with mobile devices compared to previous years with pen and paper.
Megan Juss and Learning Services Colleagues Edge Hill University Edge Hill University utilized Blackboard Mobile™ Learn with their medical school students to increase discussion board use and have seen significant increases in student engagement as measured by student survey responses.
Ivon Foster-McGowan, Jeanine Brooks, and Joey Stowe The University of Alabama The University of Alabama integrated a native, branded app to meet student demand and centralize services such as Crimson Ride and myBama via Blackboard Mobile™.

Blackboard Engage™ User Adoption Strategy Award

Name Institution Achievement
Gary Weidenhamer and Kim Cavanaugh School District Palm Beach County The online professional development program at Palm Beach has trained 1,870 teachers on effective use of Blackboard Engage™ in the 18 months it has been available. This is in addition to the thousands of hours of in-person training provided by the Educational Technology Team over the last 7 years.

Blackboard Learn™ Innovative Development Award

Name Institution Achievement
Blackboard Learn Project Team The University of Alabama The University of Alabama implemented real-time integration between Ellucian Banner Student 8.x and Blackboard Learn™ Release 9.1 SP8/9 for grade posting—a crucial process expected by faculty members for midterms and final grades.
Bruce Phillips University of Kansas University of Kansas increased efficiency and effectiveness by developing and sharing Building Block tutorials, solutions, and example applications that provided starting points for programmers new to Building Block development.
Wiley Fuller and Shane Argo University of the Sunshine Coast University of the Sunshine Coast developed the JSHacks Building Block for Blackboard Learn™, which gives administrators the ability to customize their Blackboard Learn instances by inserting HTML and JavaScript into webpages where it was not possible before. This dynamic Building Block evolves with Blackboard’s Open Source community so users can work together to implement small changes to the Blackboard Learn interface.

Blackboard Learn™ and Blackboard Collaborate™ Staff Development Award

Name Institution Achievement
Iris Santiago Florida Virtual School Florida Virtual School (FLVS) developed Beneficial Instructional Training to Engage the Staff (BITES), a comprehensive professional learning program utilizing Blackboard Collaborate™ software. The BITES program provides all employees at FLVS the opportunity to engage in both synchronous and on-demand training specific to their roles and responsibilities within the organization.
Office of Fiscal Services and Office of College and Career Readiness Hawaii State Department of Education In reaction to budget reductions that left the clerical support staff in 254 schools across the state of Hawaii with little formal training support, the Office of Fiscal Services, part of the Hawaii Department of Education, leveraged online learning to increase training regardless of budget and geographic constraints. In partnership with the Hawaii Virtual Learning Network, the Department of Education created a statewide training program for School Administrative Services Assistants (SASA) utilizing Blackboard Learn™. The SASA Academy provides current SASAs with correct technical information and assists potential new SASAs in meeting their career goals.
Learning Academy Temasek Polytechnic Temasek Polytechnic utilized Blackboard Learn™ to launch the Online Learning Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE), which offered all staff and students a suite of baseline tools for teaching and learning with technology, as well as a virtual space for online teaching-learning activities.
NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center Northern Illinois University NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center developed and offered for the first time a teaching effectiveness institute for NIU faculty that took place completely online, utilizing Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™, and Blackboard Mobile™.
Janet Sylvia, Judy Harrison, Craig Nielsen, and Bruce Varnadoe University of Georgia Cooperative Extension & The Georgia Department of Agriculture To address concerns regarding farmers’ market regulations and permits in the state, the University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension and the Georgia Department of Agriculture sought a viable solution for disseminating information to educators and citizens throughout the state. Utilizing Blackboard Collaborate™, they developed a pilot project to deliver farmers’ market training to UGA Cooperative Extension Agents, who in turn convey the information to Georgia citizens interested in selling foods at local farmers’ markets. This partnership effectively enhanced the delivery of important agricultural regulations.
Erin Soles University of North Florida University of North Florida developed a series of courses for faculty to teach online using Blackboard Learn™. As a result, more than 80 courses have been developed as part of this program since implementation during the Spring 2012 semester.
Geralyn E. Stephens, EdD and C. Cindy Sulad Wayne State University The Wayne State University - Technology Resource Center (TRC) faculty support team increased faculty use of Blackboard Learn™ by implementing support strategies that include providing online resources, course templates and tools, and real-time virtual and face-to-face help options. They also created the Online Teaching Network (OTN), which provide online teaching faculty with a mechanism to collaborate. This was the first sanctioned faculty development program specifically geared toward providing faculty with real-time, online support or just-in-time training related to Blackboard.

Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Mobile™ and Blackboard Collaborate™ Teaching and Learning Award

Name Institution Achievement
Brian Sailer Central New Mexico Community College Dr. Brian Sailer of Central New Mexico Community College created an active learning environment that centers on student engagement, clear communication, and quality education through the use of Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Mobile™, and Blackboard Collaborate™ in his Introduction to Biology courses.
NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center Northern Illinois University NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center combined efforts of Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™, and Blackboard Mobile™ to develop a teaching effectiveness institute for NIU faculty offered entirely online.
Tutoring & Learning Center Ozarks Technical Community College Ozarks Technical Community College’s Speckman Tutoring & Learning Center (TLC) created a cross-platform strategy with Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™, and Blackboard Mobile™ to promote an effective, innovative, and learner-centered environment. From 2011 to 2012, the TLC’s new strategy significantly increased use of its online services by 300%, providing greater support to developmental math students both online and in the classroom.

Blackboard Learn™ Exemplary Course Award – Directors’ Choice

Name Institution Exemplary Course Tour
Alaric Radosh Arlington Public Schools, Virginia Chinese 1
Katrina S. Kardiasmenos, Ph.D. Bowie State University General Psychology
Miles McGeehan Bozeman School District Climate Change Expedition
Kathleen Fjelstul and Steven Jeddeloh Capella University Theory and Practice in Business Management
Matthew Acevedo and Marc Weinstein Florida International University Wellness Management
Dr. Craighton S. Mauk Gateway Community and Technical College Introduction to Biology
Cheryl Kautz Grand Rapids Community College Photoshop
Tom Luna
Linda K. Smith
Susan White
Sean Short
Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction
NASA Aerospace Scholars
Idaho Digital Learning
Dual Credit Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars
Takako Shigehisa and Dr. Shaoyu Chi Northern Virginia Community College Beginning Japanese I
Kathi Baldwin and Mary Purvis University of Alaska SE Sitka Designing and Teaching an Online Course
Phoebe J. Ballard and Seder N. Burns The University of Toledo Fundamentals of Digital Media

Blackboard Learn™ Exemplary Course Award

Name Institution Exemplary Course Tour
Christina Sewell Allen Community College Introduction to Literature
Peter Kishpaugh Physics (K12)
Rick Roth Geometry (K12)
Tahais Real-Martins, Ceit Devitto, Diana Rice, and Constance Messier Bristol Community College Developmental Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice
Audrey Gramstad, Patricia Miera, Hallie Ray, and Jessica Rosazza Williams Central New Mexico Community College Teaching and Learning Online
Marcie Newton and Tom Rosenberger The College of Saint Rose Expository Writing, Oral Communications, Research
Helen Anderson and James Jurewicz Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide Marriage and Family
Jay E. Hines and Jan G. Neal Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Globalization & World Politics
Shannon Field and Merrill Douglass Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Small Business Management
Dr. Wendi M. Kappers and Sara C. Ombres Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Making the Blend
Dr. Bobby McMasters and Jan G. Neal Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Applied Regression Analysis
Dr. Todd D. Smith and Monica Surrency Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Human Factors and Ergonomics
Paul Beaudoin Fitchburg State University Commonwealth of the Arts
Melody Whiddon-Willoughby, Elizabeth Ferris, and Patricia Delgado Florida International University Social and Personality Development
Karen W. Duncan Gaston College Emerging Technologies
Katie Evans Lake-Sumter State College American Literature
Sarah Garman and Alexandre Strzyzewski Miami Dade College Introduction to Humanities
David Flora, Ericka Hollis, and Xavier Scott Morehead State University The Online Collaborative Experience
Marjorie C. Shavers, Ph.D. Morehead State University Theories of Counseling
Cheryl Kautz Muskegon Community College Intro to Word Processing
Joel Shapiro, Caitlin Frano, Jessica Rydz, Michael Theodore, Kevin Cuasay, Jacqueline Wickham, and Katherine Kerpan Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies Analytic Methods for Public Policy Analysis
Jon Louis Dorbolo Oregon State University Introduction to Philosophy
Lena V. Maslennikova Regent University Blackboard Advanced 9.1 Training
Vaughan Smith Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Estimating
Dustin Smith Snead State Community College Human Anatomy and Physiology
Cynthia Foronda and Lyndon Godsall University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies NUR 558
Linda A Dudjak PhD RN; Barbara A. Frey DEd; Adelle M. Lotinsky, BSN RN; and Dean Croll University of Pittsburgh Nursing - Evidence-Based Quality Improvement
Sandra Bennett Wilmington University Integrated Methods for Teaching Elementary Reading and Writing

2012 Winners

Exemplary Course Program Winners

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Name Institution Exemplary Course Tour
Mark Gale and Dr. Wendy Cowan Athens State University ED 305 - Technology and Media in Education
Christine Davis Teaching Online with
Deanna Mayers AP Biology A
Deanna Mayers Chinese 1 A
Dan Hilman Boston University Database Design and Implementation for Business (MET CS 669)
Dan Barnett Butte College Eastern Religions (Philosophy 18)
Brian Worden Capella University COUN5930-Mental Health Counseling Pre-Practicum Course 1
Joe Lane Capella University HS8204 Public Service Leadership
Danica Hubbard College of DuPage English Composition 1102
Nikki Schutte College of St Scholastica MUS 3309 : World Music
Tess Bader and team Colorado State University - Global Campus ENG130 - Introduction to Literature
Robert Leo CYNRIC/OCM BOCES Model Schools Instructional Technology Lesson Upgrade Program
Robert Leo CYNRIC/OCM BOCES To The Cloud, Summer 2011
Dr. Julia VanderMolen Davenport University HLTH127 Healthy Living
Jan Neal and Dr. Irwin Price Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University DAV 713: The Economic Environment of Aviation
Jan Neal and Dr. Alan Stolzer Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University DAV 712: Aviation Safety Management Systems
Anna Reese Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide ENGL222 - Business Communication
Anna Reese Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide DAV 714 – The Legal Environment of Aviation
Dr. Nancy Rauseo and David Palmer Florida International University Customer Relationship Management, MAR 4860
Melody Whiddon and Elizabeth Ferris Florida International University EDF 5481: Foundations of Educational Research
Cheryl Kautz Grand Rapids Community College CO252 Advanced Photoshop
Glaucio Scremin Jacksonville State University Law and Ethics in Physical Education and Sport Management HPE 540
Paige Brook-Jeffiers KCTCS Online Facilitator Certification Testing
Susan Mircovich Kenai Peninsula College Survey of Chemistry, Chem A103
Chris Duke Lone Star College, Cy-Fair COSC 1401 Introduction to Computers
Lori Ellison and Paula Kaplan Marshall University Death and Grief Counseling COUN 556
Michael Smedshammer Modesto Junior College English 101
Maria S. Rynn and team Northern Virginia Community College ITE 115: Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts
Dr. Torria Bond, Dr. Joshua Knabb, Sherryl Berg-Ridenour, and Lindsay Pollard Online and Professional Studies Division of California Baptist University SOC213
Michael Pregitzer and team Regent University School of Undergraduate Studies GENE 402 The Making of a Christian Leader
Niki Whiteside San Jacinto College ACAdemic Learning
Dominique Elliott, Mooho Oh, Dean Earlix, Scott Dinho Savannah College of Art and Design Motion Media 709: Motion Media Cinematography and Editing
Vaughan Smith Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Project Management 1 (MGMT14998)
Jennifer Campbell Tulsa Community College Medical Terminology - ALDH 1323
Angélica Quiroga Garza Universidad de Monterrey Aplicaciones en Psicologa PS3105
Nita Copeland University of Arkansas at Little Rock HSCI 3402 Structural Kinesiology
Lyndon Godsall University of Miami NUR551: Teaching and Learning Theory in Clinical Nursing Education
Elena Pravosudova and Alina Solovyova-Vincent University of Nevada, Reno Principles of Biological Investigations
Dr. Becky Adams University of New Mexico Theory & Practices of Distance Learning - OLIT 535
Rosemarie Lyons, Holly Shifflet and team University of Pittsburgh - Katz Graduate School of Business Center for Executive Education Management Essentials Online
Geralyn Stephens Wayne State University CTE 6010: History and Principles of Career and Technical Education

Communication Strategies

Name Institution Level Achievement
Dionne Curbeam Coppin State University Platinum Migrated from another communications platform and smoothly implemented Blackboard Connect and Blackboard Connect for Learn on campus, yielding in improved communication to students, faculty, and staff, which supports student retention and engagement.
Christina Royal Cuyahoga Community College District Gold Developed a well thought out communications plan for the upgrade to Learn 9.1. They had a seamless transition because of their planning, constant cross-functional communication, spirit of inclusiveness and an effective project plan.
Andrew Whitworth University of Manchester Gold Developed a program to help bring distance students fully into the learning community and to appreciate that in the 21st century university.

Community Collaboration

Name Institution Level Achievement
NIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center Northern Illinois University Platinum Developed a resource website to support their upgrade to Learn 9.1. The Teaching with Blackboard site averages over 7000 unique visitors each month from around the globe.
Steve Clark Athens State University Gold Launched the ACCS eLearning Symposium, an annual technology event, as a way to provide faculty with the type of professional development normally provided at a national technology conference.
Kim LeBlanc & Lisa Mullett Calcasieu Parish School District Gold Launched BAYOUBUG, a Louisiana users group primarily for the K12 user community.

Innovative Development

Name Institution Level Achievement
Patricia Goldweic Northwestern University Platinum Developed Bboogle - a building block that integrates file exchange, mail functionality, and calendaring. There have been 1,295 downloads of the Bboogle building block.
Kelt Tyler Dockins University of Arkansas at Little Rock Gold Developed a building block that provides the ability to release secure anonymous course evaluations to students, while allowing different staff to see different levels of the reports.
Kevin Lowey University of Saskatchewan Gold Goes above and beyond to share expertise and knowledge on the BbAdmin listserv, serves in a leadership capacity in the Blackboard SunGard Special Interest Group, has participated in numerous client programs to provide feedback that benefits the entire Blackboard community.

Mobile Innovation

Name Institution Level Achievement
Shelley Kinash Bond University Platinum Methodologically studied the impact of Blackboard Mobile Learn and e-texts on student achievement and attitudes; research has been published in scholarly journals, conference papers, and magazines.
Mai Yin Tsoi and team Georgia Gwinnett College Platinum Used Blackboard Mobile Learn + Custom Mobile Apps developed collaboratively between Chemistry and Software Development students to achieve a 90%+ success rate in Organic Chemistry, a class that traditionally results in a 40% drop in student retention in Chemistry programs nationwide.
Robert Davis Virginia Commonwealth University Platinum VCU designed a unique portfolio of mobile modules within Blackboard Mobile Central which helped increase their visibility tenfold starting with better service to their on-campus community, better communications (just in time revenue) with their alumni and an opportunity to showcase their on-line learning process with their senior staff and governing body.
Aline Davis, Robin Robinson, Clair Waterbury,
Deb Moschella, Corey Hobbs, Mille Gonzalez
Framingham State College Gold Studying the impact of Blackboard Mobile Learn and e-texts on achievement and attitudes in a wide-spread initiative that includes surveys, focus groups, and student blogging.
Quaiser Absar Shenandoah University Gold Launched a new Mobile App using Mobile Centeral . SU not only is promoting their green, environment friendly mission, they are addressing the needs of today's learners living a mobile world, and giving students the freedom to use that technology in a way that is above the normal phone, Internet, and Facebook life.
Wendy Chun University of Miami Gold Developed and fully deployed 4 unique community centric Springboard Modules. To provide real time and innovative mobile experience to the university community for Parking, Campus Shuttle Schedule, Library Resource Availability, and UM Health Physician Referrals.

Staff Development

Name Institution Level Achievement
Angela Green Arkansas Childrens Hospital Platinum Implemented evidence based practice (EBP) as a solution to improve healthcare quality and identified it as a key competency for healthcare professionals.
Suzan Harkness University of the District of Columbia Platinum Impacted the institution across all departments and has identified a clear pathway for strategic growth in online education for the residents of the District of Columbia and beyond. After partnering with Quality Matters and other faculty professional development initiatives, there was a 73 percent increase improvement in peer review courses over prior efforts.
Jeff Simmons Idaho Digital Learning Academy Gold IDLA has developed a tiered professional development program that delivers training at each teacher's current level of expertise.
Philip Arnold Ozarks Technical Community College Gold Implemented a variety of online faculty development offerings to allow for instructional design, online pedagogy, online tools, and Learning Management System (Blackboard) training along with opportunities for collaboration among online faculty.
Kathy Keairns & Bridget Arend University of Denver Gold Launched the Teaching Online Workshop (TOW) course which is having a positive impact not only for faculty members who teach online, but on the way instructors use Blackboard to teach all their courses at the University of Denver.

2011 Winners

Committee's Choice

Name Institution Achievement
Sherpa Project Team South Orange County Community College District Development of a unique notification system that supports student success via individualized, event-triggered reminders

Community Collaboration

Name Institution Achievement
Kathy Saville Marshall University Created impressive, widely-used documentation developed to support several institutions upgrading from Vista to Blackboard Learn 9.0 or 9.1.
Randal Dalhoff Iowa State University Continually participated and contributed his product and upgrade knowledge to support users at several institutions via CE/Vista Office Hours calls.
Melissa Stange
George Hoffman
Shenandoah University Established a new user group (VaBUG) and within a short period of time, held the group’s first annual conference with participation from several different institutions and many Blackboard partners.
Greg Frederick Joint Forces Staff College/National Defense University Added new momentum to METBUG, the Military Education Training Blackboard User Group, and brought together military branches and federal agencies nationwide for their first user conference.
Ken Sadowski University of Chicago Founder and principal organizer of SLATE, a long-standing Blackboard User Group in the Midwest. While always having a big annual conference that focuses on key strategic issues for cients, SLATE also began broadcasting their smaller in-person meeting to the web on Blackboard Collaborate technology to reach more institutions.
Julie Mulvey Durham University A key member of the Durham Learning Technologies Team who played a big role in organizing one of the premier user group events in the UK, the Durham Conference, which several institutions participate in.

Exemplary Course Program

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Name Institution Exemplary Course Tour
Mark Eaton Avila University PY 321 Leadership
Deanna Mayers
Alicia Ross Macro Economics
James Frey Boston University Contemporary Issues in Art Education
Brad Kay.Goodman Boston University MET CS 679 Bb Classic Architecture
Kim Leblanc Calcasieu Parish Public Schools LACONNECT: Connecting Curriculum and Instructional Practice
Brian Powers Capella University DHA8004 - Innovative Business Practices in Health Care
Robert Leo CNYRIC @ OCM BOCES Blackboard 101
Gillian McKnight-Tutein Cuyahoga Community College Human Resource Management
Teri Herron Delta State University Music in American Culture
Shannon Field Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University MBAA 514 - Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation
Jan Neal Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University DAV_733: Globalization and the Aviation Environment
Craig Hardesty Hillsborough Community College MAC 1105 College Algebra
Kelly Cua Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning Culture-Based Resources for Teaching Hawaiian History (CBRTHH)
Clinton Iwami
Komarey Moss
Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning Ka Na`i Aupuni
Paige Brooks-Jeffiers Kentucky Community & Technical College System Web Design and Production
Dorothy Jones Norfolk State University BUS 330-90 Business Communication
Jack Partlow Northern Virginia Community College BUS 100 Introduction to Business
Karen Lynden Rowan-Cabarrus Community College BUS253:Leadership and Management Skills
Darrell Naylor-Johnson Savannah College of Art and Design Scripting for Interactivity
Leslie Koberna Texas Woman's University Oral Radiology
Robert McCunney
Walt Woerheide
The American College HS 328 - Investments
Angélica Quiroga Garza Universidad de Monterrey Práctica Profesional Dirigida LPS II
Michael Keables University of Denver NATS 1201: Environmental Systems
Jason Mock University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Special Topics in Leisure - Strategic Management
Michele Pelter University of Nevada, Reno Introduction to Knowledge Development and Scientific Inquiry
Lorna Kearns University of Pittsburgh Organizational and Management Theory

Innovative Development

Name Institution Innovation
Szymon Machajewski Grand Rapids Community College Outstanding Developer Contributions
Jeff Kahn Verbena Consulting Outstanding Partner Leadership
Tim Boshart University of Oregon Outstanding System Administration Leadership
Bryan Fendley University of Arkansas at Monticello Outstanding System Administration Leadership
Bruce Phillips University of Kansas Outstanding Developer Contributions
Tas Amphol (Formerly of) Swinburne University Outstanding Developer Leadership
Peter Fokkinga University of Groningen Outstanding Developer Leadership
Kenny Verbeke
Sven Gladines
K.U. Leuven Outstanding Developer Innovation

Mobile Innovation

Name Institution Achievement
Josh Harmon
Bryan Lucas
Richard Yantis  
Texas Christian University Developed of 2 unique apps using the Blackboard Mobile Central SDK - a Dining and Career Services app. Both work to improve campus efficenies and provide students with up to the minute information.
iLMU Project Team Loyola Maryount University Creation of a photo-sharing app using the Blackboard Mobile Central SDK, giving prospective students a glimpse of student life through the eyes of a member of the LMU community.
George Saltsman and Team Abilene Christian University ACU implemented a full Mobile Learning strategy to increase student engagement, two-way dialogue between faculty and students and improve course reviews.

Staff Development

Name Institution Achievement
Northeastern University Online Northeastern University Online Their immersive, scalable approach to training ensured a successful teaching and learning experience for faculty, new to the 9.1 platform.
Dionne Curbeam Coppin State University Their strategic, structured strategy increased faculty adoption by a stunning 60% in just four years
NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center Northern Illinois University The use of collaborative tools to support online faculty training and supplement traditional face-to-face training yields visible results.
Bb Support Staff Shenandoah University A robust approach to training leads to an increase in adoption amongst faculty and students
Alina Solovyova-Vincent University of Nevada, Reno Online course development support yields marked enhancements in teaching and learning campus-wide
Bill Harlow Tidewater Community College A comprehensive training program for new instructors increases adoption and mastery of technology