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Learn 9.1 Modules & Legacy Platforms

Blackboard Content Systems User Group
Group Leader: Craig Agneberg, Blackboard (United Kingdom)

Outcomes Assessment Blackboard User Group
Group Leader: Vivek Rampogal, Blackboard

Vista SWAT
Group Leader: Kathy Saville, Marshall University
E-mail: savillek@MARSHALL.EDU


K12-BUG (Blackboard K12 User Group)
Group Leader: Jana Hickey, Jefferson County Public Schools
E-mail: jana.hickey@JEFFERSON.KYSCHOOLS.US

MEDBUG (For Medical Schools and Organizations)
Group Leader: Alison Donohure, Cincinnatti Children's Hospital Medical Center

METBUG (For Military and Federal Bb Users)
Group Leader: Greg Frederick, National Defense University

Special Interest

Accessibility BUG
Group Leader: Hadi Rangin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne
E-mail: hadi@UIUC.EDU

Bb Banner/SunGard SIG
Group Leader: Kevin Lowey, University of Saskachewan
E-mail: Kevin.Lowey@USASK.CA

BCTUG (Blackboard Certified Trainers User Group)
Group Leader: Craig Agneberg, Blackboard

Blackboard Documentation User Group
Group Leader: Robert Harris, William Patterson University

Bb Developer's Community
Group Leader: Chris Borales, Blackboard

iTunes U. Blackboard User Group
Group Leader: Cindy Franco, Vanderbilt University
E-mail: cindy.franco@VANDERBILT.EDU

OSCELOT (For Sys Admins and Developers)
Group Leader: Mark O'Neal, Blackboard

Tech BUG
Group Leader: Mary Holmes, Ferris State University


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