What is a Blackboard User Group?

Blackboard User Groups, or BUGS, bring together Blackboard users interested in networking, learning, meeting subject matter experts and sharing best practices with one another. They meet virtually or in person. Some meet at intimate meetings. Others host 300-person conferences. Most importantly, Blackboard user groups are run by our users, for our users. We’re here to help you grow and support them.

Leading a Blackboard User Group gives you the unique opportunity to:

  • Leverage the expertise of your peers
  • Collectively address issues or challenges as they arise
  • Stay informed about the latest trends and products updates
  • Gain direct access to key subject matter experts
  • Represent your institution and those of your group members when sharing feedback to Blackboard
  • Help your institution to remain a key contributor toward innovating education in your region 
  • Enhance and improve the greater Blackboard community    

Join In and Go Further

Find a User Group and contact the group leader to join.  

Start Your Own User Group

- Group Guidelines
- New Group Request


Send event information to kimberly.amaducci@blackboard.com for promotion and outreach assistance.

Submit a funding request to have your upcoming user group event sponsored by Blackboard.

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