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Why is Accessibility important?

The Accessibility Imperative for Education

In the United States, it’s estimated that 1 in 10 students has a disability.

Alongside the institutions we work with, we see making education accessible to those with disabilities as both a moral and legal obligation. We’ve seen a shift over the past few years in how the education community is talking about accessibility, especially in the context of meeting the needs of distance learners.

A glance inside The Accessibility Imperative whitepaper:

  1. A look at the numbers
  2. Defining disability and accessibility
  3. Understanding The American with Disabilities Act
  4. Exercise & enforcement of accessibility rights today
  5. Six resources you can tap to make your course more accessible
  6. Accessibility from a student’s perspective
  7. The role of technology

Download our new whitepaper on the accessibility imperative for a look at what we’re seeing across the education landscape and resources you can use today to help make your course more accessible.

Download the report