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Advising Answers

Advising Answers:
What Impact Does Data Have on Student Success?

Today's academic advising isn't what it used to be.

Academic advisors are more important now than ever before. But with advising loads averaging 300:1, knowing which students are struggling and why is a huge challenge. Traditional advising strategies don’t scale. Fortunately, data and analytics are helping colleges and universities to find the right students at the right time, and to provide them with the support they need to successfully graduate with high quality post-secondary credentials.

Learn how data can help advisors impact student success in Blackboard's playbook, produced in partnership with EducationDrive.

“You can proactively reach out to individual students who you can predict will not do well, and reach out before it’s too late.”

- John Whitmer, Learning Analytics and Research Director, Blackboard

Download the playbook