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Big Data has arrived

Big Data
Has Arrived:
Using technology
to measure student

The focus on data analytics in higher education is being driven by the need to increase retention, improve student success, reduce time to graduation, and contain costs.

This Blackboard sponsored report is based on a survey, conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education in May 2016, of 247 senior academic officers at two- and four-year private and public institutions. It also draws from expert opinions, Chronicle reporting, and previous studies to discuss the systems currently being used, the educational strategies being implemented, the influences affecting change, and the investments being made as more and more colleges attempt to increase student success, to track what is and isn’t working, and to create a more supportive educational environment.

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“The idea is to use data to make the simple decisions simple. . . then we can spend more time on those students on the margins— focus in on who really needs the human touch.”

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