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Data-Driven Outcomes

With our Blackboard Analytics platform, you can determine which training programs are the most effective. You can also pinpoint those that need to be improved to best support the lifelong learning needs of military personnel. Our Data-Driven Outcomes Solution lets you easily transform your raw data into actionable information about your training programs.

Capture metrics and improve completion results

Our customizable analytics platform enables you to collect and analyze data coming in from training session happening around the world, not just in the traditional military learning institutions.


How Blackboard can help you

Enable discovery of learners' behavior

Blackboard Analytics gives you immediate access to data at the department, course, instructor, and learner level to correlate personnel behavior with successful training outcomes.

Integrate analytics easily with your LMS

Blackboard Analytics automatically integrates with Blackboard Learn and any other LMS to provide actionable data about learners' persistence and training outcomes.

Provide self service data

Our analytics platform puts data directly in the hands of those who need it with just-in-time, self-service access.

What's Included

Next Steps

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