Develop new leaders with online learning

As your agency faces budget cuts and potentially outdated technology, you’re still faced with a need to provide an alternative method of learning outside the classroom environment. The good news is that with our online learning solution, you can not only provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience, but you can also manage the experience cost effectively. According to the U.S. Department of Education, online learning, when blended with the classroom, is proving more effective than classroom training alone.


Encompassing social learning tools, communities, virtual conferencing, mobile access, assessment and competency-based learning programs, our online learning solution can help you meet all of your institution's educational objectives. Plus you’ll deliver a deeper level of cognitive learning, with a smaller investment, than is now available with current learning managements systems. No matter where your team is working or what devices they use, your agency can provide interactive, mission-critical content securely, quickly, and efficiently.


Our competency-based learning programs can also help your agency meet Office of Personnel Management training requirements and guidelines. With our solution, you can:

  • Reliably collect all agency and bureau training data each month and stream it to OPM
  • Close annual skills gaps in accordance with the requirements of the amended Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004
  • Delivered in full 508 compliant interface

Case Studies

CMS Streamlines Training

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services keeps 6,500 surveyors trained to examine hospitals, nursing homes, and more for compliance with the help of Blackboard.
Download the case study >

Government Agencies' Learning Challenges

Government agencies have stringent learning requirements with minimal budgets. Many are turning to Blackboard to find innovative ways to train their employees.
Download the case study >

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