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Online Training

Blackboard Collaborate’s comprehensive platform sets the standard for training collaboration in government agencies. Improve outcomes and reduce costs, with online collaboration between organizations, employees, and trainers.

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Wide-ranging options

Collaboration and adaptation are what make our online training solution stand out. This is because we give you options. Web conferencing allows people to learn through virtual classroom instruction, moderator-led trainings, and structured discussions. Enterprise instant messaging enables spontaneous meetings and impromptu conversations, as well as a way to communicate with educators even at a distance. Our solution also allows personnel to participate in real-time training sessions or meetings via their mobile devices.
Seamless integration

The Blackboard online training solution integrates seamlessly with our online learning management systems, so you can develop a comprehensive, robust education technology ecosystem that meets every one of your training objectives.

Seamless integration

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A new lease on learning

Developing employee skills and building institutional knowledge is directly related to business performance, which is why it is more important than ever to provide employees with synchronous online learning.

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