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Campus Solutions

Transform your campus with greater safety and convenience

With a single campus ID—card, mobile, or biometrics—give your students access to everything from dining halls and vending machines to financial aid to a safe trip across campus.

Transaction solutions

One card lets students purchase books, do laundry, even pay for a pizza off campus—without cash! Plus, make attendance and event tracking pain-free with verification and tracking solutions.


Security solutions

With Blackboard Transact, one campus card personalizes security for each cardholder, and one platform governs door access, video surveillance, problem reporting, and emergency notification and response with a complete, enterprise-class system.


Financial solutions

Give students easy, secure electronic access to financial aid and student payroll funds disbursement. Streamline your financial systems and curb excess fees and costs for your students.


Off-campus commerce solutions

Students are constantly moving between campus and the surrounding off-campus community. Allow your students to make cashless purchases with their campus ID cards at off-campus institution-approved merchant locations.

A woman hands a student ID card back to a student.

Campus solutions services

Getting your software and hardware is only the beginning. As a trusted partner invested in the success of each of our clients, we’re here to help with managed services, institution and cardholder support, consulting, marketing and training.

A call center representative is prepared to help.

Mass notifications

Our mass notification system gives you the ability to reach your campus and community in minutes—whether it is a time-sensitive situation, event outreach, or attendance notification. It is the most efficient way to keep your students and faculty more secure, informed, and involved.

Two students collaborate together.

Next Steps

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