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Learn how Blackboard can help you grow in the evolving market of higher education.

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    Engaged students. Empowered faculty. Institutional success.

    Experience the possibilities of a virtual classroom with our guide to propelling your eLearning program.

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    Our new ebook: The Secret to Student Success

    Learn about effective practices to boost student retention and graduation rates.

Industry Insights: Student Preferences by Generation

Industry Insights: Student Preferences by Generation

Learn how students' needs shift across generations, how conditions needed to ensure students enroll and retain can vary, and how some common conceptions about what students want and need may be off the mark. Join us for these highlights and to receive a copy of the report with actionable insights and supporting evidence for making highly effective adjustments to your current student marketing, enrollment, services and support models.

If We Build It, They Will Come—Or Will They?

If We Build It, They Will Come—Or Will They?

Many IR offices have addressed the issue of supporting campus decision making by developing and implementing BI and self-service solutions. Sometimes, adoption is an overlooked part of the process. Join us for lessons learned from an implementation of a data warehouse/analytics solution as to what went wrong and why, regarding adoption.

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Consulting & Training Services  

Make the most of your Blackboard investment with our strategic consulting, and training and support services.

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Student Services &
Technology Support  

Increase enrollments and improve overall student satisfaction by meeting the rising expectations of students, faculty, and staff.

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Data Capabilities  

Access data from across your campus systems in order to improve the performance of your institution.