Graduate to a higher level of student success

As higher education grapples with low retention and lower graduation rates, the need to capture and leverage data for informed decision-making—and better results—is front and center. Enter our Learning Insight and Student Retention solution, which helps institutions like yours gain the insights needed to best engage and retain students.

This solution pairs our powerful learning management system, collaborative learning environment, and robust data analytics with our extensive consulting services geared to improving student retention and optimizing student success. Our customers have experienced an increase in retention rates and revenues as a result.

Learning Soultions

Identify, Analyze, Optimize, Retain, Grow

The Learning Insight and Student Retention solution embodies a holistic approach that includes the capabilities in our Learning Insight  solution, plus services to help institutions:

  • Identify at-risk student populations through data analytics, with easy-to-understand dashboards and reports for stakeholders
  • Engage at-risk students by leveraging academic technology across campus constituents (e.g., advisors, student services)
  • Optimize retention programming through customized recommendations based on the institution’s resources, technology, and goals

Our Student Retention Consulting Services provide you with the skills to translate data insights into risk factors and take timely, effective action to drive high retention and graduation rates.

Blackboard Learn >

Our learning management system breathes life into educational content and empowers instructors with tools to engage every learner.

Blackboard Collaborate >

Our comprehensive online collaboration platform delivers a more effective learning experience through online, blended, and mobile learning.

Blackboard Analytics >

Our extensive suite of packaged analytics applications transforms enterprise data into actionable information.

Retention Services >

Our Data Driven Retention Services are a set of services that can help improve retention through strategic planning, student outreach, and data analysis.


Data makes "dreams" come true

Central Piedmont Community College used Blackboard Analytics to identify at-risk students and provide them with the tools they needed for course completion. Download the case study>

Improve Retention and Graduation Rates

Georgia funds higher education institutions based on retention rates, so Middle Georgia State College identified retention factors and implemented initiatives to increase success. Download the case study>

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