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Strategic Marketing & Recruiting Services

Drive targeted growth. Achieve your enrollment goals.

Boosting revenue by attracting new students is more complex than ever in this highly competitive space.  Our marketing, recruiting, and enrollment services can help you prioritize programs, define target students, differentiate your value, and make data-driven investments that generate successful enrollments.

Research & Strategy

Position your institution for growth with a strategic marketing and enrollment plan. Our research and market analysis helps you identify and prioritize ideal program offerings, target new groups of students, and understand your competition.


Marketing & Recruiting Management

Increase the number of high-quality leads to your institution along with your application conversions. Our lead generation services ensure optimization of your media investment while personalizing your outreach by audience, program, and geography. Leads are nurtured by our trained and dedicated advisors, freeing up your resources and providing students with the service they expect.


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    Identify, Attract, Engage, and Enroll

    A step by step approach to improving student recruitment: the four leading strategies to identify, attract, engage, and enroll the right students.

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    A new way to grow online

    Hear how we helped USM compete against virtual schools, transform their online presence, and become the number 1 online learning provider in Mississippi.

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    Drive targeted growth

    We help institutions take a student-centric approach to growing online by starting with a strategy grounded in research and building it around the student-consumer.

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    Services for the entire student lifecycle

    We’re in the business of helping schools improve ROI and student satisfaction, and our expertise is deeper than you'd think.

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