Find the right students for the right programs


Recruiting and lead generation isn’t always easy in today’s higher education environment. Many institutions lack the resources to fully execute a program that produces leads and converts them into promising applications.

Our Recruiting and Lead Generation solutions focus on:

  • Increasing the amount of high-quality applications you receive by targeting the right audience for the right degree program
  • Creating winning marketing campaigns using art directors, designers, and copywriters
  • Leveraging media strategies such as advertising, targeted web pages, events, and direct emails to raise awareness and create engagement
  • Scoring prospective students’ profiles to optimize outreach efforts
  • Engaging prospects further through personalized contact that moves them to the next phase of the application process
  • Measuring, benchmarking, and reporting to continuously improve the process
  • Minimizing cost per lead and cost per enrollment through data-driven tactics

Create A Go-To-Market Plan

Our first step is to conduct market research on the competitive landscape and assess your institution’s current recruiting program. Then we provide you with actionable direction based on those findings. The resulting plan is a creative, innovative, and customized lead-generation strategy that incorporates relevant media channels to cost-effectively boost the number of quality applications your institution receives.

Convert Leads with Personalized Outreach

Blackboard recruiting advisors are outreach strategy experts. Using multiple channels, our advisors establish a relationship with your potential students and drive them through to a completed application.



Identify, Attract, Engage, and Enroll

Explore our step-by-step approach to improving student enrollment with our four leading marketing and recruitment strategies.
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Case Study

A new way to grow online

Hear how we helped USM compete against virtual schools, transform their online presence, and become the number 1 online learning provider in Mississippi.
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Drive targeted growth

We help institutions take a student-centric approach to growing online by starting with a strategy grounded in research and building it around the student-consumer.
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