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Research & Strategy

Today's Higher Education institutions are competing for students. Many may not have the resources to conduct much-needed market analyses but want to invest wisely to attract new learners. Blackboard’s Market Research and Strategic Planning Solution provides a detailed, predictable plan geared toward: identifying and prioritizing ideal programs, profiling and targeting new enrollments, and enhancing your institution’s approach to recruiting prospective students.

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Create an action plan

The first step is to work with you to conduct a comprehensive market research analysis on the competitive landscape, degree program viability, and audience segmentation. To successfully draw students, we help align new program offerings on three data-based objectives: 

  1. Applicant goals 
  2. Your brand identity 
  3. The job market 

We consolidate research data, along with an evaluation of your existing recruitment strategy, into a customizable marketing and recruiting plan that’s ready for execution.

Focus your investments with data-driven insights

Blackboard’s Market Research and Strategic Planning services can help you:


Predict investment viability by providing insight into programs with the most growth potential, including expected enrollment outcomes. test.


Learn how to differentiate your offerings from top competitors.

Gain insight

Gain valuable insight into the audiences that make up current and future opportunities for new enrollments.

Understand demand

Understand how student demand and labor demand for specific degree programs affects enrollments, net new tuition revenue, and overall institutional prosperity.

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