The largest catalog of learning materials, with the most purchase options, in the most logical place

Blackboard Mobile

Students want one place to purchase and access course materials, and now with the new Blackboard Store, it’s a done deal. Students can easily purchase required course materials at competitive prices via personalized shopping lists and quick access from within Blackboard Learn. Instructors can find, compare, and assign materials from the largest online catalog of commercial and open educational content. Institutions benefit from analytics that help guide successful student performance.

Students Win: A New Way to Be "Book Smart"

With convenient access and streamlined purchasing through Blackboard Learn, students enjoy personalized shopping carts that build automatically as they select their course materials. With the ability to choose from digital, new and used print, and rentals, students can find the most affordable purchase options in one place. With flexible delivery and payment options, including student financial aid vouchers as well as a digital bookshelf for accessing and organizing materials, students are able to get what they need with ease.

Instructors Win: A Single Source for Selecting Course Materials

With easier course material research and textbook adoption leveraging a comprehensive catalog of print and digital educational content (commercial & open), instructors enjoy a number of benefits. An ability to build, save, and share lists along with analytics that help identify at-risk students can help you streamline class management.

Institutions Win: A Holistic Way to Serve Faculty and Students

Zero licensing fees and easier compliance with HEOA course materials reporting are just the beginning of the benefits your institution can enjoy. With increased textbook and course material usage, you can realize revenue gained from students who previously bought from non-institutional sources.