Managing student financial aid has never
been easier

The cost of getting a college degree has been rising faster than health care. As a result, the role of financial aid in a student’s decision to attend—and stay in—school is more important than ever. Yet students are often challenged to take full advantage of the aid available. This is because the process of financial aid can be slow and complicated, which leads to frustration and, ultimately, a desire to give up. That’s where Blackboard comes in. We can help you support every student and answer every question, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


By extending your team, we can help your students get the financial aid they need to enroll and stay in class. Our experts offer years of experience in financial aid. They have served as financial aid directors, so they know your challenges and understand your students’ needs, as well as how to address them.


  • Make it easy for your students to get the right level of aid when they need it
  • Provide extended, multi-model support to serve students on their terms
  • Deliver a scalable solution that frees your team to focus on packaging, process improvements, and complex applications
  • Leverage technology to communicate information in more efficient and innovative ways

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