Help faculty integrate technology into teaching

Even the best educational technology is only as good as the faculty using it. Our Instructor Solutions help you to maximize the value of your technology investment. We can help you expand the reach of teaching and learning practices that are mission critical to the modern education institution.


Easily deploy user-training packages so your instructors can quickly gain the skills they want and need. Our Foundations solutions help get faculty up and running faster with Blackboard platform technology. From a rich online training catalog to onsite training and start-up services, Foundation solutions empower educators to quickly create dynamic content that enhances the learner experience.


Make sure that your team is using your educational technology everywhere on campus and your faculty knows how to create high quality, engaging courses. From content and curriculum design to a partnered approach to implementation, our Catalyst solutions make it easy to advance course quality, increase learner satisfaction and improve student retention.


Raise technology adoption rates with our Transform solutions. Turn your institution into a school with a fully developed strategy that will cultivate and foster future technology adoption. By giving instructors useful tools that will improve the material they care about, you can boost educational quality and eliminate competitive disadvantage.

Our expert advice will help you ensure high performance, stability, and security throughout the entire implementation lifecycle. Instructor Solutions are designed for most of our platforms, including Learn, Collaborate, Analytics, and Moodlerooms.



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