Get the most from your investment and enable success

Make sure your team has the knowledge they need to take full advantage of your investment. Training choices include on-site and online training, certifications and materials.

Teaching and Learning Platforms

Learn more and learn faster from the experts with our Effectives Practices and Training Services for Blackboard Learn (including ANGEL Edition).

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Education Open Source Services

A variety of courses and workshops that provide in-depth training for open source solutions including Moodle and Sakai.

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Blackboard Collaborate

Objective learning services for all clients. Our consultants focus on developing a strong foundation to support your overall implementation of the Blackboard Collaborate platform.

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Blackboard Analytics

From instruction on creating system-wide dashboards, to measuring performance, to building sophisticated reports to extending data models, we will get you on your way.

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Blackboard Connect

We help you get started quickly and easily while enabling you to confidently take control of communications.

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Blackboard Transact

We provide the training needed for you to successfully manage your system, educate your user community, and expand your team's skills.

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