Prepare for the Common Core standards

Almost half of American teachers feel under-prepared for using and implementing the Common Core State Standards1. Our teaching and learning solutions will help you prepare as well as succeed in the classroom.


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Train more efficiently

Inspire your teachers with engaging professional development using a learning management system to deliver online courses, assessments and multimedia, and encourage an online learning community.


Save time with standards-aligned curricula from xpLor

Access the only cloud-based, cross-platform global learning repository that allows you to search, share, author and re-use digital content that you can pull into your online classroom environment.


Align Assessments to Common Core standards

Easily sync your online assessments to common standards within the learning management system all the way down to the question level.


Increase achievement by consulting real data

Use online reporting tools to share both your successes and failures and help schools identify and combat the problems that are occurring with the rollout of Common Core.


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How are other schools and districts preparing for changing standards?

By combining powerful assessment tools with their LMS, Putnam County School System is able to make important instructional decisions that better prepare their teachers for the new Common Core standards.

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Get started with standards

This 3-video quick hit playlist is designed to help teachers and schools quickly and easily get started with standards-based teaching and learning in Blackboard.

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Get The Facts

Get The Facts on Common Core

The move to Common Core State Standards can be daunting. In fact, nearly half of teachers feel unprepared to teach to the standards. Learn more about the solutions that can help you ease the transition and prepare for future success. View the datasheet >

Creating an action-based strategy for tackling Common Core

Education experts, administrators, and teachers know how much work is ahead for school districts across the country before the shift in evaluations takes place. With no time to waste, this Playbook for K-12 will help you get ahead. View the playbook >