Solutions for a more Innovative Classroom

In just two years, the number of kids using smart devices jumped from 50% to 75%.1 It’s time to meet digital natives where they are. We offer a technology suite that encourages flipped classrooms, blended or online learning, one-on-one programs, bring your own device (BYOD) and personalized learning.

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With Blackboard you can:


Engage active learners where they already are

Integrated mobile apps, LMS, and online synchronous collaboration support new pedagogy and curricula, with tools and content that is familiar to digital natives.


Give your teachers access to a world of information

Use the only global learning object repository that allows you to search, share, author and re-use digital content and rich educational materials.


Support pedagogical change

Flexible, role-based online learning tools allow for teaching growth from simply posting a syllabus to building rubrics, measuring goals and more.


Prepare teachers for success

Teach and train with the same web conferencing tools. Once your teachers know what it’s like to be the student in an online learning space, they’ll be more efficient and effective.


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Solutions for an Innovative Classroom

How prepared are you to meet the rising expectations of your digital native students and their parents? Deliver innovative blending or online learning programs that ensure a positive impact on student achievement. Read the fact sheet >