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Blackboard Classroom

Unleash each student's potential

Simplify digital transformation and inspire student engagement in every classroom with a simple, powerful, and comprehensive digital learning environment, Blackboard Classroom. Erase all barriers to learning by arming students, teachers, district leaders, and parents with everything they need to drive student success. Digital literacy and collaboration skills are critical for college and career readiness. Simple is not enough. Today’s students and parents expect education to be engaging, personalized, and accessible – anytime, anywhere.

Engage your students anytime, anywhere

Personalize learning, increase student engagement, and boost teacher productivity with Blackboard Classroom.

How can Blackboard Classroom help?

Personalized Learning

Personalize learning with ease

Give each of your teachers a personal digital assistant. Bb Classroom’s Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) enables teachers to automate elements of their class to differentiate instruction, improve student engagement, and simultaneously increase teacher efficiency.

Students using mobile devices

Engage active learners where they already are

Mobile devices are an integral part of the lives of students, parents, and teachers. They just expect their classroom tools to work, regardless of device. Blackboard Classroom’s mobile first design enables teaching and learning to take place, wherever you may be. And, our unique interactive offline access empowers students without wifi at home to keep learning.

Focus on Teaching

Focus your resources on teaching & learning

With bi-directional SIS integration, data will simply flow between your student information system and Blackboard Classroom. Seamless integration drives adoption, reduces the burden on our IT resources, and eliminates any need for double entry of grades.

Adminstrator busy fielding calls

Prepare teachers for success

With the rise of blended learning and the transition to digital content in K-12 schools, professional development is more important than ever. Prepare teachers for digital learning and put your teachers at ease by providing professional learning with Bb Classroom.

What's Included

Only Blackboard Classroom offers a comprehensive digital learning environment for K-12 that can grow with you as your digital learning needs evolve:

More Information

Montana Digital Academy: No limits on learning
Case Study

No limits on learning

Watch the video and download the case study to learn how Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) removes geographic barriers and makes learning as easy as possible by personalizing credit recovery with Blackboard Classroom.

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