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Community Engagement Solution

Student achievement is directly influenced by parent involvement and community engagement. Our solution helps you share student specific information, relevant news, and timely updates with families and community members so you can create a positive and supportive learning environment for every student.

Community Engagement. Optimized.

Informed communities build successful students

Use your website, mass notifications, mobile app, and social media to create an integrated communications strategy that covers every channel and device your audiences are using.

Who benefits?

Discover how Blackboard can help you enhance your parent and community engagement throughout your district.

High school student accessing grades through his mobile phone


Surround your students with a connected and supportive community that will improve their educational success

Teacher establishing rapport with her students


Personalize communication between families and classrooms

Father and child looking at homework on laptop.


Empower families with convenient access to school and student information so they can impact their child’s success

Parent-teacher at Back-to-School night.


Easily share information and stories to create a strong district brand

What's Included

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