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Collaborate Starter Solution

Prepare teachers for digital learning

Teachers who learn digitally are more likely to integrate technology effectively in their own classrooms to personalize learning. In Metro Nashville Public Schools, 83% of teacher reported greater comfort with technology in their classrooms after blended professional development.1 65% of district administrator believe enhancing teacher effectiveness through professional development has the greatest potential to enhance student achievement.2

Digital professional learning

With the transition to digital content and rise of blended learning in K-12 schools, professional development is more important than ever.


How Blackboard can help you.

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Reduce professional development costs

Maximize your investment with digital professional development by offering virtual meetings that will eliminate travel and onsite training costs.

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Respect teachers’ time with flexibility and convenience

Increase teacher efficiency with flexible and convenient professional development that doesn’t cut into personal or class time.

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Prepare teachers for digital learning

Teachers who learn with web conferencing and flipped professional development are more comfortable experimenting with digital learning in their classrooms.

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Preserve precious instructional time

Maximize instructional time by keeping teachers in their classrooms with digital professional development.

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