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Blackboard and Ellucian Partner for Enhanced Product Integration

Companies will Integrate Colleague by Ellucian and the Blackboard Learn Platform through the Intelligent Learning Platform

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. and Ellucian have partnered to enable an integration between two of the industry's leading educational products, Colleague by Ellucian and Blackboard Learn. As part of the partnership, the companies will work to achieve real-time data transfer between the two products, making it easier for institutions to access and manage classroom information from their administrative and academic systems.

An integration, expected to be available later this year, will support hundreds of clients that currently use both Colleague and Blackboard Learn. With the planned integration, institutions would no longer have to integrate the products themselves or hire third-party consultants to do so.

Utilizing the Blackboard Learn Student Information System (SIS) Integration Framework, and Ellucian's Intelligent Learning Platform, the planned integration would provide colleges and universities with an easier way of configuring, managing and troubleshooting user data within Blackboard Learn.

"We are always trying to create efficiencies and improvements in the overall learning experience," said Jessica Finnefrock, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Development at Blackboard. "This partnership is part of our commitment to help our clients get the most out of their technology investments and our mission to create more open and interoperable frameworks for education technology."

"Our Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem vision is about providing more flexibility to help our global customer community continuously evolve their technology environments by extending the core administrative systems they depend on," said Mark Jones, chief product officer, Ellucian. "True to the Ellucian XE vision, this planned integration will help make it easier and more cost effective for our mutual customers to manage information from their administrative and academic systems."

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