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Blackboard Transact Expands Campus Security Offerings

Partnership with S2 Security Provides Robust Physical Security and Situational Awareness Capabilities

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Transact, a leader in integrated campus commerce and security solutions, has expanded its campus security offerings through a strategic partnership with S2 Security, the company announced today. The alliance allows Blackboard Transact to offer schools and universities even more physical security capabilities to create a supportive learning environment.

S2 Security, a leading manufacturer of IP-based physical security and video management systems, will integrate selected NetBox products into the Blackboard Transact platform to allow for intuitive browser and mobile-delivered user interfaces that can be operated wherever there is a network connection. For example, authorized administrators can instantly activate a campus lockdown either on location or remotely, via a cell phone or tablet.

"Colleges and universities are looking to accelerate the migration of their security platform from disparate systems to fully integrated solutions," said David Marr, President of Blackboard Transact. "Our customers are now able to select from a wide range of security capabilities that meet their enterprise-wide goals and are scalable as operational requirements and campus needs evolve."

The enhanced capabilities complement the Blackboard Transact platform's latest cloud-based ServicePoint architecture, Web services, and DR series of door readers. The capabilities also leverage Near Field Communication (NFC)-compatible credentials, including FeliCa and MIFARE®, through enabled cards or mobile devices.

"Organizations choose S2's security and video management systems because they are cost-effective to install and maintain and can scale to meet the needs of facilities and campuses of any size," said John L. Moss, CEO, S2 Security. "Working with Blackboard will create greater opportunities for us to serve education institutions seeking effective, manageable ways to protect their students, faculty and staff."

The partnership will also allow for schools to help protect their current infrastructure investment through the compatibility of Mercury Security hardware, the most widely-installed controller panels in the world.

"Most schools don't have the luxury of purchasing completely new security and access systems. We are now providing the most advanced cloud-based solution that, wherever possible, enables the re-use of infrastructure, including current security hardware such as door controllers and locksets," continued Marr.

The announcement was made at Blackboard Spring Training 2013, the annual user conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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