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Haileybury Selects Blackboard for Enhanced Preparedness and Communication

School is First in Country to Deploy Blackboard Connect to Send Notifications, School Updates

SYDNEY, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Haileybury, a leading independent school, has selected Blackboard to facilitate important communication and preparedness, the company announced today. Haileybury is the first ELC-Year 12 school in Australia to implement the Blackboard Connect mass notification system, which is used by thousands of education and government organisations globally, to enable school leaders to stay connected with parents and staff with targeted multimodal notifications.

Haileybury, with campuses at Keysborough, Brighton and Berwick, implemented the new system after the response to an incident last year led to a review of school security policy. School officials chose Blackboard Connect for its ability to quickly record and send an unlimited number of personalised voice messages to home phones, businesses and mobile phones.

"With Blackboard Connect, we now have the technology to strengthen engagement with all stakeholders in our children's education," said James Panther, director of IT learning strategy at Haileybury. "We can easily communicate with them on topics like school safety, school closures, sporting events, field trips, and student finances."

Blackboard Connect also provides a two-way SMS platform, where school staff can send texts and emails to recipients and receive replies via text. Messages can be recorded in advance, so Haileybury officials can send information and updates in just a few clicks.

The system's integration with Blackboard Learn Haileybury's learning management system, will also allow for in-classroom use. Teachers can send, and receive, SMS messages to one or many students directly within their online courses about grades, exams or assignment updates.

Parents are encouraged to call +61-3-9213-2222 to update their contact information and notification preferences.

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