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Oregon Community College Consortium Selects Blackboard to Support System-Wide Web Conferencing Platform

17 Institutions Will Use Blackboard Collaborate to Improve Education Interaction and Access

WASHINGTON, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) has selected Blackboard for Web conferencing across the state's 17 community colleges, the company announced today. The decision to bring Blackboard Collaborate™, the only online collaboration platform built specifically for education, to all Oregon's community colleges was driven by the need to reach more students and gain cost efficiencies.

The platform will provide learners with a highly engaging virtual classroom with many options for users to interact with peers and instructors. Users will be able to participate in and listen to lectures from their mobile devices. Oregon officials were motivated by the desire to make courses available to remote, non-traditional and students in rural areas of the state who might not be able to come to campus.

Another key factor in the selection was the platform's unique ability to fully integrate with all leading learning management systems (LMS), as Oregon's community colleges do not all use the same LMS. CCWD officials also looked at the success Blue Mountain Community College has had since 2006 in leveraging the platform to enhance classroom instruction, tutoring and advising; in 2012 alone, lecture recordings were viewed over 23,000 times.

"This agreement enhances our ability to connect between colleges while providing increased access and learning options for students," said Shalee Hodgson, Education Division Director at the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development.

With all of Oregon's community colleges using a unified online collaboration tool, CCWD expects to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel costs for faculty and administration meetings that can now be held through Web conferencing, and other operational efficiencies related to online collaboration.

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