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Blackboard Acquires Requestec

Company Pioneers Emerging Browser-Based Communication Technology

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. has acquired Requestec, a leading provider of Web-based Real Time Communication (WebRTC) technology, to reinvent and revitalize the company's product portfolio and revolutionize video conferencing as we know it.

Today's announcement marks the latest step in the evolution of Blackboard's redesigned product strategy that is focused on innovation and providing the ultimate value to students, teachers and administrators. Through this acquisition, Blackboard will join some of the leading technology companies as one of the early adopters of WebRTC, a browser-based technology that has emerged as the new standard for video conferencing and real time communication.

Through WebRTC's open standard protocols, Requestec delivers high quality IP telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging directly within desktop and mobile browsers, eliminating the need for downloads or plugins. It also allows for enhanced collaboration tools, such as screen sharing, to be used directly within browsers.

"WebRTC will revolutionize video conferencing as we know it," said Mark Strassman, senior vice president of product management for Blackboard. "It will provide the best synchronous learning experience – better than anything that is available in the market today. I couldn't be more excited to invest in this dynamic new technology and talent that will not only keep our customers ahead of the curve, but also provide them with a solution that is easy to use, easy to manage and redefine how they engage with each other."

Requestec's cutting-edge technology is widely recognized throughout the industry and has won WebRTC World's "Most Ready Now" and "Best All Around Platform" awards. The technology has already started to be incorporated into Blackboard's market-leading portfolio and was previewed earlier this summer at the company's annual user conference, BbWorld®. Additional updates to the portfolio using WebRTC are planned for later this year.

"Today's news is a huge testament to the future of WebRTC technology and its ability to improve how people are communicating," said Benjamin Weekes, co-founder and director of Requestec and one of the original pioneers of WebRTC technology. "Browser-based communications is a market disruptor as it challenges conventional thinking and advances new ways to collaborate. I am proud to partner with a company who shares our passion for technology and innovation."

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Source: Blackboard Inc.