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Blackboard Integrates Registration and Tracking Tools into Training Environment

Strategic Partnership with Genius SIS Delivers Comprehensive Management Capabilities

WASHINGTON, July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard has updated its training environment for business and government organizations with the integration of a Web-based information system, the company announced today. The environment now offers fully integrated learner registration, tracking, e-commerce, and enterprise reporting systems and tools.

The comprehensive management capabilities allow corporations, government agencies, associations and other professional organizations to manage the full lifecycle of learning information from directly within the learning environment and without third party integrations.

The Blackboard Registration Module® is delivered through a strategic partnership with Genius SIS, a leading Web-based information, registration and e-commerce system and is currently being piloted with nearly a dozen Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies. With automated registration and self-regulated tracking, the integrated module will give learners more control as they navigate the training environment. Administrators and trainers can easily see learners' progress towards certifications and view a learners' full course history, including classes taken outside of the organization. The training environment can also be used as a revenue source through integrated e-commerce capabilities.

"More and more, we are seeing professional administrators and trainers look for tools and environments that allow them to take a more strategic approach to employee training," said Maurice Heiblum, senior vice president of professional education at Blackboard. "Organizations are looking for solutions that not only impact their bottom line, but also provide trainers with management tools that help enable learners to earn the certifications they need to advance their career goals."

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Source: Blackboard Inc.