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Blackboard Store Sees Strong Momentum

Fully Operational Store Will Be In Use This Summer by a Growing Number of Institutions

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard today announced that several higher education institutions have already launched the Blackboard Store or plan to do so in time for the summer semester.

The Blackboard Store is a fully operational e-commerce system directly within the teaching and learning platform. Without having to leave the learning environment, students can see instructor-assigned and recommended materials that correspond with each of their individual courses and are able to add those materials to a shopping cart for streamlined purchase or rental.

"There is a strong need to provide content options that are both friendly to the student workflow and friendly to the student wallet," said Glynn C. Cavin, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for distance learning at Troy University. "We are thrilled with the latest innovation from Blackboard, a pioneer in digital content. They have a long history of effectively delivering content to students. Through this partnership, we are able to deliver an enormously positive effect on our students' overall educational experience."

With competitive pricing and guaranteed buyback, the Blackboard Store provides an extremely personalized student purchasing experience for a variety of course materials, including print and e-textbooks and other supplemental content.

"We are excited to partner with more and more forward-thinking schools to deliver a unique, student-focused option for purchasing learning materials," said Katie Blot, senior vice president of education services for Blackboard. "By enabling students to purchase with confidence and convenience, we have put them in a better position to easily and deeply engage with the materials. This will ultimately drive student success. The Blackboard Store marks the latest in a series of innovative, learner-focused initiatives from us. You should expect to see more soon."

The Blackboard Store is delivered in partnership with MBS Direct and offers access to more than 10 million pieces of content.

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Source: Blackboard Inc.