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Nearly Two Million Students Use Blackboard's Professional Competency Tools

15,000 New Users Added Per Day

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. today announced that nearly 2 million students have signed up to take advantage of the company's student-centric solutions focused on career preparedness. During the back-to-school timeframe alone, approximately 15,000 new members joined per day.

Students who have signed up can create online portfolios using Blackboard's Enhanced Cloud Profile, directly within the company's market-leading learning environment, as well as on The solutions allow learners to easily and professionally tell their academic story, outline their competencies, and ultimately connect them to job and internship opportunities.

This tremendous surge in new members comes only three months after incorporating the MyEdu product  directly in Blackboard Learn and only nine months after acquiring the popular student-focused technology platform.

"I needed a way to showcase my skills to potential employers beyond my grades and a list of summer jobs," said a student who has leveraged Blackboard's career-readiness tools. "Having access to a profile tailored specifically for students allows me to easily incorporate everything I am doing, both inside and outside the classroom. I've done a lot throughout my college career that I'm proud of and now I've got a way to really show what I bring to the table."

"There are 75 million young people around the world without jobs, but 57 percent of employers say they can't find qualified, entry-level candidates," said Mark Strassman, vice president of product management for Blackboard. "The amazing growth in our profile adoption is a clear indicator that students want – and need  – tools that help them tell their story and connect them to potential jobs. By providing more students with a way to easily and professionally present themselves, the skills gap gets a little smaller and the bridge between higher education and the workforce gets a little stronger."

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Source: Blackboard Inc.