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Fast and reliable communications

Enabling emergency notifications for parents and the community

Reach everyone with the confidence that your messages are being received with rapid, reliable mass notifications from Blackboard.

What you need in a mass notification system

Your notification system should be the tool that helps you to communicate more effectively, and to optimize your community engagement.

When evaluating solutions, speed, capacity, and reliability should be top priorities. Blackboard Mass Notifications, formerly Blackboard Connect, provides unmatched performance, data management tools, and customer service to help you deliver emergency notifications and broaden your reach.

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People receiving notifications on the mobile phones

Fast, reliable, effective communications

Our mass communications solution enables you to reach anyone, anytime, for more effective community outreach. No other product delivers the quality, speed, or reliability you get from Blackboard.

Why Blackboard Mass Notifications?

Send your messages with confidence

Your audiences depend on quick and reliable communications. Easily deliver tailored mass communications, whether it’s a general update or an emergency.

A student recieves an emergency alert on his mobile device.

The leading alert solution for higher ed

Engage your entire campus. Send important messages within minutes via phone, text, email and social media to help ensure safety, increase engagement, and improve enrollment and retention.

An employee engages his organization through a mobile device.

For unified, critical communications

Alert your organization in an emergency. Notify employees of schedule and location changes. Support disaster-response strategies. Easily deliver recipient-specific information en masse.

Communication for crisis management and community building

Communication is the foundation of effective parent and community engagement. By sending messages to your audiences through the devices and channels they prefer, you'll build a connected and safe environment for learning. Whether you're looking to reach every channel with every message, or want to tailor your distribution for emergencies, we have a notification option that will fit your district's needs.

Blackboard Mass Notification Key Features

Create one message, publish it everywhere

Instantly deliver messages to your parents and community members simultaneously across the channels they prefer including voice email, text, website, social media, and mobile app. Simply write your message once, select the appropriate channels you want to send to, and click publish, as illustrated in the infographic below.

Notify parents

Notify parents of student absences

Students can't learn when they're not in class. Improve your attendance rates by alerting parents to student absences.

Keep your community posted

Interact with your parents

Parent notifications can be used for more than just emergencies. Collect feedback with our survey feature and raise awareness about important school activities, like fundraisers, sports, schedules, bond issues, and more.

Instantly deliver messages

Instantly deliver messages

We handle millions of texts and emails per hour, enabling you to reach your community quickly and effectively.

Reach your community with ease

Mass communication plays a foundational role in successful communications strategies. Reliable messaging allows your district to reach parents and the community during emergency situations.

Manage communications

Manage communications via mobile

Send messages on the go. Target recipients, set delivery schedules, and review scheduled and sent messages all from your smartphone.

Communicate in many languages

Communicate in many languages

Remove barriers to your diverse community by communicating with parents and others in their native language.

Send information

Broaden your messaging

Communicate with your parents and community about emergencies, school closures, report cards, field trips, lunch balances, bus route changes, and more.

Give your schools a dependable notification system

Reliable communications are critical in building a connected community that supports your students and their success. Blackboard gives you a dependable and secure platform with the capacity to deliver information to targeted audiences quickly.

Unmatched 99.999% uptime

Unmatched uptime

Count on the proven power of Blackboard Mass Notifications to deliver messages during school emergencies.

State-of-the-art safeguards for data

State-of-the-art safeguards for data

We protect personal student and parent information with robust security that implements the latest best practices.

data integration

Simplify your data integration

Seamless integrations within Blackboard products and dozens of 3rd party data systems saves you time.


Notifications that your campus can count on

Send university notifications via the widest range of communication channels—phone, email, SMS, social media, and more. Enhance campus safety with a robust, reliable emergency notification system. Deliver targeted and relevant custom notifications.

Blackboard Mass Notification Key Features

everyone gets the message

Be sure everyone gets the message

Deliver messages via recorded voice, text-to-speech, SMS, email, TTY, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, fax, pager, and CAP.

Rapid-response client care

Rapid-response client care

You'll have a dedicated client care representative who is committed to your long-term success, 24/7.

Success stories

Fast, reliable notifications for emergencies

With our mass notification system – proven to deliver 99.999 percent uptime – you can send broadcast or customized alerts to individuals via a wide range of communication channels: unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging, and more.

Blackboard Mass Notification Key Features

Unlimited usage

Unlimited usage keeps you on budget

Communicate frequently to provide members of your community with the information they need and the services they want.

personal Flexfield messaging

Powerful, personal Flexfield messaging

Let users send messages by creating a single notification that contains information specific to individual recipients.

receive your messages

Many ways to receive your messages

Our IPAWS-OPEN system with multimodal delivery maximizes the chances that community members get your messages quickly.

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Success stories

Reliable notifications for urgent situations

With our mass notification system and robust dashboard, you can send customized alerts to individuals via communication channels including unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging, and more. Rest easy with full message status reports.

Blackboard Mass Notification Key Features

Powerful, easy Flexfield messaging

Powerful, easy Flexfield messaging

Let users send messages by creating a single notification that contains information specific to individual recipients.

Disseminating information in emergency

With unlimited subsites to mirror your organization's structure, send critical messages via cell, television, and radio.

Success stories

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    As chief communications officer, I can’t imagine doing my job without Blackboard notifications.

    Kevin Christian, Public relations officer, Marion County Public Schools

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    What always brings us back to Blackboard is the customer service. Blackboard is worth what we pay.

    Zac Rantz, Director of communications, Nixa Public Schools

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    By using Blackboard Mass Notifications, we not only lowered our labor costs but were able to reallocate those resources to tasks that actually increase revenue.

    Shannon Sweeney, Water Resources Manager, Santa Maria Utility Department

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