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Penn State Case Study

Find out how Penn State increased engagement in their online, asynchronous classes

At Penn State, Blackboard Collaborate puts the engagement in online, asynchronous classes.

More than a hundred years ago, Penn State became one of the first universities to offer correspondence courses. A century later, they went online, and today the Penn State World Campus has more than 12,000 students worldwide. They want their online courses – all of them asynchronous - to be just as interactive and dynamic as their on-campus classes. The answer: provide students with opportunities to work together via Blackboard Collaborate.

“Enabling our students to work together through various channels provides a deeper level of engagement in the learning process.”

- Rick Shearer, Director of World Campus Learning Design, Penn State

Penn State’s online programs consistently receive high ratings. Learn how using Blackboard Collaborate to enrich the learning experience has helped put the Penn State World Campus on top – and is helping to keep it there.

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