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Everything you need for teaching and learning all in one place.

Digital content in Higher Education is advancing rapidly – moving from static content to dynamic digital assets that provide for personalized, interactive learning. That’s why Blackboard and Wiley have partnered to deliver all the benefits of WileyPLUS within the familiar Blackboard Learn™ platform1.

This integrated solution is available to institutions around the world, with the exception of China and India.

Improve Student Engagement and Learning


I don’t know how I could teach without it now. I think it makes communication with the students a lot better. I used to spend a lot of time on how to and now I spend much more time talking about why, so it makes the class better. 

- Accounting & Finance instructor, 4-year public university

Through WileyPLUS, a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning, Wiley offers content and digital learning resources across multiple disciplines. WileyPLUS is taking its one course, one experience approach to the next level with its integration into the Blackboard Learn platform.

It is now easier than ever for faculty to deploy content and for students to conveniently access WileyPLUS readings and assignments in their course. Immediate feedback on WileyPLUS assignments increases student engagement and supports the overall learning process while also allowing instructors to more effectively use class time. By integrating all course materials into Blackboard Learn, faculty will have all they need to create their courses more effectively and efficiently, while students enjoy a seamless learning experience that builds confidence and success.

1Available with Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1, Service Packs 10 and above via the Blackboard Partner Cloud. For clients on Service Packs 5-9, support is still available. For additional information, please submit a request through Behind the Blackboard.

Creating a unified learning experience for faculty and students

With direct access to WileyPLUS inside Blackboard Learn, faculty and students will have everything they need for teaching and learning all in one place.

  • Single sign-on provides faculty and students with direct access to all WileyPLUS content with the convenience of one login.
  • Direct links to WileyPLUS readings and assignments give faculty greater control over how they deliver information and allow students to conveniently access their course work.
  • Gradebook synchronization ensures all grades appear in the Blackboard Grade Center, saving instructors time and increasing student accountability.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.

With this integration, Blackboard will continue to service its end user – system administrators – as Wiley provides unmatched services and support for faculty and students.

Activate the Wiley Integration


It just works and is very beneficial to the faculty, and that’s key. If something is praised by the faculty once you have it running, then you know you’ve done your job properly. 

- System Administrator

The Wiley integration is available through the Blackboard Partner Cloud Building Block for U.S. and international higher education institutions that license Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 10 and higher.

Learn more about the Wiley Partner Cloud Integration >

For institutions on Service Packs 5-9 support is still available. For additional information, please submit a request through Behind the Blackboard.


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