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Managing your school's social media increases engagement

Bring your community together with manageable school social media

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Blackboard Social Media Manager

There are 1.2 billion people on Facebook, and 500 million new tweets every day. Schools can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity for social engagement. Be a leading K-12 institution by effectively managing your social media.

Blackboard Social Media Manager, formerly Sociability, helps you navigate all your school social media accounts from one easy-to-use interface. Truly integrate social media in your school, and connect students, parents, and community members with the information they need.

Use Blackboard's social media manager app to integrate social media in your school

Social Media Manager Key Benefits

One account or hundreds - our social media tool will help you manage your district's story

Understanding how your schools use social media can be challenging. Social Media Manager brings all your activity into one dashboard so you can monitor and engage with your entire community.

Manage social networks such as Twitter to attain a high level view

Monitor your district’s social media activity

Attain a high-level view of all social media activities from one page, aggregated at either the district, school, or group level.

Schools monitoring social media make sure the right story is being communicated

Discover what your school community is saying

Discover what your community is posting on social media and interact with the conversations to make sure the right story is being communicated.

Use Blackboard's social media tools for Facebook management and find your most influential followers.

Take advantage of growing social communities

Families and students are spending increasing time on social networks. Find your most influential followers and join in their conversations.

Actively engage your social community

It's important to keep up with what your community is saying about your district. With Social Media Manager you can get involved by monitoring and engaging with relevant conversations to keep your story and news on message.

Using Blackboard's social media management system, immediately reach your community

Provide timely information

Immediately reach your social family and community members by posting to one or all your accounts across the district.

Include social channels in your outreach efforts with our social media manager app

Social is the new backpack mail

Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) capabilities let you include social channels in your outreach efforts, with no extra work.

Using Blackboard's social manager, monitor what your community is saying.

Manage your district story

Monitor what your schools and community are saying on social media. Then join in the conversation and keep your district's story on track to prevent the wrong information from going viral.

Confidently interact with your school community

Optimize your social media usage at your school by easily monitoring, managing, and interacting with all of your schools social networking accounts from one location.

Keep your social community safe by managing social media for your school

Safe online social interactions

Blackboard Social Media Manager automatically monitors your social feeds and hides inappropriate content, making it easy to keep your social community safe.

The Blackboard social media manager app gives you real time social media alerts.

Real-time social media alerts

Be notified when your community posts questions to your social media feeds, and respond to them immediately right from the alert.

More Information

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    I don’t think our communication would be where it is today without social media. There are ways that I can tell my story on social media that I can’t do on a website, or over the phone.

    Lana Snodgras, Director of Communications & Community Relations, West Plains Schools

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    Since we implemented the Blackboard Social Media Manager, schools have become more engaged in social media.

    Annette Eyman, Communications Director, Papillion-La Vista School District

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    Thanks @BlackboardK12 for making tracking social media snow day questions so easy. #apps"

    Stephanie Smith, APR, Public Relations Director at Fort Osage School District (MO)

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